The aim of art
is to represent
not only
the outward appearance
of things, but
their inward significance.       
      – Aristotle

ABC Designs always comes
through.  On time and with
beautiful products.  We get
much more than just graphics.
They helped us develop a
vision for our product, and
then translated that into
words and graphics. 
Fantastic work ... always.
             John Alcock,
             Sound Propaganda
Working with Arlette was amazing!
She took our "funky newsletter" and transformed it - in the full spirit of Kyoto - into a beautiful magazine.  Excellent. 
              Steve Beimel
              The Kyoto Diary
passionate about design
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                                                    Arlette shares my passion for perfection,
                                                    so it was great working with her and getting
                                                    the logo mathematically designed. 
                                                    She helped me translate my ideas into
                                                    words and images, and we had fun doing it. 
                                                    I learned a lot from the experience
                                                    and we got wonderful materials.
                                                                            Rich Caldwell
                                                                            Planned Success Institute
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